Frank Mueller Watch Parts Pen
State of Tennessee (Laser Cut Inlay) - Jr. George Rollerball
POW / MIA Engraved - Jr. Retro Rollerball
Desert Ironwood Ares Ballpoint
Jr. Harold Rollerball (GISI Style)
Jr. George Fountain Pen (GISI Style)
Deep Purple Abalone
Blaze Orange Abalone
Dark Green Abalone
State Flag Rollerball
Tennessee Titans Bottle Cap
Jr. Aaron Rollerball
Jack Daniels Cigar
Cholla Cactus Cigar
Green Circuit Board Cigar
Pink & Purple Polymer Clay Flowers on Rollerball

I developed this site as a place to market and sell the custom pens and other items I turn in my shop.  Though I will primarily focus on pen turning, as time goes on I will add other items to the shop.  I started turning in 2012 and it has quickly become something I truly enjoy.  I do not see wood-turning as a career path for me, however, it is my hope that this site will provide a means of turning something I love to do into a part-time business.  

I truly enjoy the look in the eyes of those who have received my pens as gifts and those who have purchased pens from me to this point.  It makes the time in the shop all the more enjoyable when someone receives a unique, hand-made item and is blown away that you were able to create that for them.

Though it is often referred to as wood turning, that can be a bit of a misnomer because I work with several mediums including wood, acrylic, Tru-Stone, and polyester resin.  I will post items that are available to purchase, however if you see a style you like but maybe not a color or a finish, please email me or call me.  I welcome custom orders.  With the range of suppliers I have, it is very likely that I can meet what you are looking for in terms of finish or color.  Please feel free to drop me an email so that we can discuss a custom piece, just for you or that special someone.