About Us

  From a young age, I remember my father being in the garage shop of our house fixing/repairing many items, often things I broke.  I wanted to help out with many of those projects; however, given my age I suspect I was more hindrance than help.  When my father wasn't repairing things, he was often doing various woodworking projects such as building cabinets, or making a shelf, or refinishing a piece of furniture.  Due to my interest in the shop, I had legitimate, real tools, not the plastic ones most kids have, and, for the most part, I knew what to do with them.

     As with most kids, I went through a long phase where I wasn't interested in being in the shop or necessarily just the hours spent with dad because I was interested in video games, sports, and friends who didn't have any interest in those areas.  This lost time serves as one of the biggest regrets of my life as I look back on the first 39 years of my life.  Dad is disabled now and cannot be in the shop like he once was.  Our shop sessions now consist of him giving guidance to me as he watches, and me trying to learn from his advice.  As I have gotten older I have come to relish those times.  I so wish that I could have those active years back to work alongside him, but you live and you learn from those experiences. 


     A few years ago, one of my uncles gave me an old lathe that he had not used in many years when I showed an interest in wood turning but could not afford a lathe of my own.  This spark provided the ability for me to do what I am doing now.  My father helped me get the lathe back up and running so I could begin doing some basic turning.  From my first candlestick, I progressed to pen turning and some bowl turning.  

     I am a Christian and will make every effort to do business by what I believe to be Christian principles.  Mount Juliet, Tennessee has been home to me and my family since I was very young and will be for the foreseeable future.  I love the area and do not see that changing anytime soon.  I married my wife Nichole in March 2013, and she has been incredibly supportive of my hobby.  Occasionally, she even gives me an idea or two for things to try.

If you have a question, just ask.  I pretty much always enjoy a good conversation.