Hand-Crafted Watch Parts Pens

The pens shown here start with individual pieces from dis-assembled pocket watches or wrist watches.  Each piece is slowly bent to fit the curve of the pen body using specialized tooling.  This bending process cannot be done in a rapid fashion and requires a slow, steady process to prevent unwanted creases.  The faces of the watches represent event more of a challenge in that the paint / coloring can be prone to cracking during the bending process.  Once the pieces are processed to shape they are affixed to the background material in a unique pattern.  This process assures that no two of these pens will ever be exactly alike.  Finally, the blanks are clear cast in resin to protect all of the watch parts.   Not only can the faces and parts alone represent a significant cost to the artist, the extraordinarily detailed process represents a significant time investment.  

I purchase the raw blanks from various artists.  I turn, finish, and assemble the pens shown here.  Each artist has their own unique flair that comes through in the unique features of their blanks.   

Franck Mueller Watch Parts  - Jr. Statesman Fountain Pen

Franck Mueller Watch Parts - Jr. Statesman Fountain Pen

Hand-made in Mount Juliet, TennesseeHigh end Franck Mueller Watch face to provide that extra touch o..


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